I Solisti del Vento

Freedom o(r) Speech

with Red Note Ensemble and Song Circus

Angela Merkel is a Wagner enthusiast, Barack Obama listens to Bob Dylan and Vladimir Putin enjoys Russian folk music. Still sounds are seldomly a point of concern for politicians. Though they would better keep their ears wide open. If choirs can topple a government and symphonies can discourage an army, then music is mre than purely pleasure. In ancient China the first emperor of a new dynasty determined which pitch was in harmony with the cosmos. And in his 'Republic' Plato regarded only Phrygian and Doric scales to be politically correct: all others threatened the ideal civilisation.

Dutch composer Louis Andriessen took Plato's text as the initial concept for a cantata which forms a fist against rigid forms of government with energetic rhythms and recalcitrant chords. Andriessen's 'De Staat' (The Republic) is both a accusation against the soulless and suffocating totalitarianism which Plato defends and a reflection on his musical convictions. Can something as trivial as a musical scale weaken the moral or propel virtue? 'Was it but true,' Andriessen seems to say with his explosive minimalism: everything a composer puts to paper is filled with political, social or religious meaning.

Thereof Mauricio Kagel was also convinced. Everything this Argentinian German composed is a politically tinged mockery of musical history. In 'Der Tribune' (The Tribune) – an audio play for political orator, marching sounds and speakerphone – Kagel twists Andriessen's rhythmical tightness to a virtuously absurdist monologue, soaked with comical rage and disdainful indignation. Demagogy, misleading the people and egotripping are merged with marching band music with oom-pah-pah coppers and tickling woods.

I Solisti del Vento places both these analyses of the political system – one razor sharp, the other viciously joyful – right next to each other. A new text by writer Dimitri Verhulst to Kagel's music hurrays the dawn of a new political age with malicious merriment: 'The future beckons, the sky is clearing and even the roses are turning blue. Tomorrow, tomorrow is mine and yours.'


A production of I Solisti del Vento in collaboration with Red Note Ensemble, Song Circus and Sound Festival


  • I Solisti del Vento, Red Note Ensemble, Song Circus
  • actor: Jan Decleir
  • conductor: Etienne Siebens
  • John De Simone - The F Scale (world premiere)
  • Mauricio Kagel - Der Tribun
  •    Text: Dimitri Verhulst
  •    Music: Zehn Märsche um den Sieg zu verfehlen
  • Louis Andriessen - De Staat
    With the kind support of:

    Aberdeen City Council's Made in Aberdeen programme,
    Creative Scotland National Lottery Funding, Music Norway, Arts Council Norway,



Freedom o(r) Speech

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