I Solisti del Vento

Artists #withRefugees



I Solisti del Vento joins forces with Brussels' cultural institutions and works together with, and for refugees.

Mark the date: 20th June 2016 – Benefit concert Artists #withRefugees in Ancienne Belgique

Brussels Jazz Orchestra is the driving force behind this concert. I Solisti del Vento will join them on stage, together with Tutu Puoane, David Linx, Brussels Vocal Project and five soloists from the Syrian Big Band (an orchestra on the run). DThe entire proceeds of the concerts will be donated to Music Fund.


Through this project I Solisti del Vento, together with our fellow ensembles, wants to raise awareness for people on the run. Refugees are people like you and me, with talents that can enrich our society. And most of all we want to stress that art connects people.


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